10 Creative Ways To Get Rid of Unwanted Halloween Candy

You walked the equivalent of at least 5 miles…in the dark…wearing a costume…collecting pieces of Halloween candy one-by-one, and now you just wish it would all simply DISAPPEAR?  Hey, you worked hard for that candy – don’t let go of it so easily.  It may serve a good purpose besides making sure your local dentist stays in business another year.

Here are 10 creative ways to get rid of unwanted Halloween candy:

Halloween Candy Buy Back.  Yes, there is a national website HERE, where you can check and see if there is a buy back location near you.  The buy backs are sponsored by local dentists and other businesses.  Bonus:  The candy is sent to the military overseas through Operation Gratitude and other services.

Operation Shoebox –  Mail in your candy donation and they send it to the military overseas in care packages.  Learn more HERE.

Freeze it.  Most candy will last for months in the freezer — freeze it and enjoy it later.

Decorate a gingerbread house or holiday baked goodies.  Candy corns work great for Thanksgiving.

Give it away.  Friends, Neighbors, Teachers, Local charities…ask around, someone may have a use for it.  If you are really motivated, put up a free candy ad on Craigslist.

Send it to the office with your spouse.  Candy never lasts long in any break room!

The Halloween Fairy.  Some wonderful parent who is a lot nicer than me started this tradition, which involves sneaking the kids’ candy away while they sleep and leaving a toy in its place.  Kids wake up, see the toy and no longer care that their candy is gone.

Chocolate is useful.  Leftover chocolate candy can be CRUSHED to make ICE CREAM TOPPINGS, MELTED to flavor HOT CHOCOLATE/MILK and COFFEE.

Decorate the house.  Make Christmas tree ornaments, table centerpieces and other decorations.

Save it to use in your Christmas stockings or holiday treat bags.

How do you get rid of your leftover Halloween candy?  Share your ideas in the comments!


  1. Brilliant post, love it!! I especially like how to store it. I have no problem with keeping it I am worried about my kids overeating on it. My fav is the Choc is useful tip.


  1. […] 10 Creative Ways To Get Rid of Unwanted Halloween Candy by Nicole includes the tip above and a link to Operation Shoebox. The only tip I don’t recommend is sending candy to the office with your spouse. Yes, i will get eaten but not appreciated! […]

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