Want Kids To Do Their Chores? There’s an App For That!

kids chore charts online free my job chart app


Lots of parents, including myself, are always on the lookout for the latest ways to inspire kids to do their chores. You may already be familiar with the fastest growing online chore chart website, My Job Chart. It is a free, easy to use online chore chart and rewards system that helps teach and motivate children to do their chores.

Now you can access to My Job Chart with Apple and Android mobile apps. This free chore chart app allows parents to assign chores and set rewards from their mobile device. It’s easy and convenient for parents, and fun for kids!

Download the FREE mobile My Job Chart App for your device today!



  1. This would be a useful app for any parent- it looks like it would be very easy to use.

  2. That looks cool! I haven’t come up with a good chore-tracking system, so we may need to check this out. Thanks!

  3. That’s a great way to keep one’s schedule organized. And to make sure that rewards are given fairly! I never knew about the site itself, but now nothing about it and the app, it makes great sense to use the chore chart as a way to keep on top of household maintenance by allowing all the chores to be assigned and then keeping track of who is supposed to do what on what day and at what time. Hopefully the tracking of rewards will also positively reinforce kids to continue staying on top of their chores.

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