How To Do Cindy Lou Hair Style (Dr. Seuss Character)

how to do cindy lou hair style

Have you ever wanted the Cindy Lou Who Hair Do? Dr. Seuss week is a great time to show your love for the beloved How the Grinch Stole Christmas character when you copy her famously high hairstyle! A school’s Dr. Seuss class party had moms on hand to help the girls do their hair like Cindy Lou – and tell us how you can, too!

Here is the movie version (2000) of Cindy Lou with her huge hair and bow:

cindy lou who universal studios photo

What is the secret to getting your hair to look like Cindy Lou? Well, in this tutorial, the secret is in an empty small plastic water bottle. You’ll also need to have long hair, ponytail holders, bobby pins and some hair bows. Here is the finished look you are going for:

how to cindy lou hair front

and the back of this hairstyle:

cindy lou who hair do back
How To Do Cindy Lou Hair Style (with a bottle)

  1. Gather a section of hair at the top of your head and use a clip to keep it aside.
  2. Split the rest of your hair in half (right and left sides) and braid until the very end. Use a small ponytail holder to tie it off.
  3. Take your empty bottle and place it in the middle of the hair on top of your head that was sectioned off in Step One. Make sure the bottle gets completely covered by hair. Use a ponytail holder to tie off at the top (this should be the where the part of the water bottle you drink out of is found).
  4. Bring each side braid up and use a bobby pin to attach them near the base of the water bottle.
  5. Use a curling iron to curl the braid ends and the ends of the top section.
  6. Decorate with a hair bow.

Optional: Finish with glitter hair spray.

A couple more helpful views of the Cindy Lou Hair Do:

cindy lou hair side view

cindy lou hair back

 Cindy Lou Hair Do


  1. That is a great idea using a water bottle. I’d love to try for fun… but I’d probably end up with a migrane! I loved seeing your pictures though!

  2. Fab idea! y sister in law did hers today too! Just so you know you might want to update the post it’s Seuss not Suess xxx