How We Take the Hassle Out of Getting Kids Dressed For School

I used to spend a good 15 minutes every weekday morning running around the house like a madman searching for a pair of’ clean socks or a specific pair of pants or a favorite shirt that my child just HAD to wear that day. Someone was usually in tears by the time we left for school. I began to dread school mornings. It’s no fun to start the day stressed out. Getting dressed for school did not need to be such a hassle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Something had to be done about our problem, but I didn’t know what to do.

Insert Mom’s Brainstorm Here…..Insert Lightbulb Moment Here!

We have finally figured out how to take the hassle out of getting the kids dressed for school. The solution has been so simple. We set up a closet organizer system that takes about 10 minutes of upkeep every Sunday night.

Do your kids have a hard time getting dressed in the morning? Do you want to save time in the mornings? Do you want to know how to take the hassle out of getting kids dressed for school? Good! Because I am about to tell you how we do it.

closet organizer kids

First, I bought a hanging closet organizer with shelves for each one of my school age kids. Nothing fancy. They cost a few dollars, and my sanity is well worth that price!

Second, I hung the closet organizers in my kids’ closets.

Third, I talked to my kids about our new system and showed them how it was going to work. And here is how it goes:

Every weekend (Sundays for us), each child chooses five complete school outfits. A top, bottom and socks for every school day that week. We put each chosen outfit on its own little shelf of the closet organizer. So every morning, all my kids have to do is reach in and grab the outfit for the day.

get dressed kids closet organizer

And that’s it!

There are no more frantic morning searches for missing clothes. We have time to find anything the kids need for their next week’s outfits on the weekend. School mornings have become so much calmer now that we have this organized system.

An added bonus is that the system makes sure that the kids are putting away their clean laundry on the weekends. My 9-year-old has even noticed how much he likes his closet organizer. He says it really helps him out.

The closet organizer solved a major problem that I know a lot of families like ours face, and that is why I wanted to share the idea with you. This solution was inspired by a photo I saw in the current Back To School issue of All You magazine.

How does your family save time on school mornings? Do you have any tips to share? I hope you will tell me in the comments below. 


  1. Great idea–glad you shared:) This idea can even work with school uniforms–and for the older girls, who have hanging clothes, they could choose a section of their closet and hang consecutively.

  2. Mary Withrow says:

    I seen this on Pinterest and I think its a fantastic idea. When the children put their clothes up, they can pick out a outfit a day and put it in those for school.

  3. This is an excellent idea, mornings are ruff with all that needs to get done. This would certainly be helpful.

  4. Organizing kid’s closets closets is really a tiring task I ever met with. The hours I spend for organizing mostly turn into ash after one or two day. Their bedroom will seems to be a mess with all such game accessories and teddies. I hope these idea will help me out to organize it effectively.


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