Disney Family Movies Daily Movie Review: Truant Officer Donald

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We’re highlighting one great movie per day that’s currently playing on Disney Family Movies.  As it’s been a long week—  TGIF—  we’re presenting a delightful, ducky short film:  Truant Officer Donald.  This is your last weekend to catch it on Disney Family Movies!  And a little Donald Duck is sure to make everyone’s weekend!

Nominated for the Oscar in 1942 for Best Animated Short Film, Truant Officer Donald finds everyone’s favorite duck having to catch his rapscallion nephews Huey, Dewey & Louie playing hooky and return ‘em to where no kid wants to go—  school!  There’s laughter all around as we enjoy the antics of Donald and his nephews a full 45 years before they made a splash on the small screen with Duck Tales.  With school gloriously out of the kids’ minds it’s the perfect weekend to gather the family to catch Truant Officer Donald on Disney Family Movies.

Please check out these Disney Family Movies YouTube videos.

Aw, phooey!  Like Donald?  Then like Donald Ducks’ Official Facebook fan page.  

Disney trivia trip:  Legendary Disney voice-over artist Clarence ‘Ducky’ Nash provided the voice of Donald—  and also all three of his nephews!

Want to watch Truant Officer Donald while carving a Donald pumpkin?  Download and print this free template.

And if you’re in Disneyland, be sure to check out Donald’s boat, the Miss Daisy and meet his nephews!

Daily Disney Family Movies tip of the hat to www.imdb.com and www.wikipedia.org


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