Disney Family Movies ~ Daily Movie Review “Wreck-It Ralph Extras”

For the month of October, Disney Family Movies is offering one free month when you sign up! The participating cable providers are Mediacom, Cox and AT & T U-verse. Read more here details on this offer in my buy one, get one month free Disney Family Movies blog post.

We’re highlighting one great flick per day that’s currently playing on Disney Family Movies.  Today it’s wreck-tacular Wreck-It-Ralph Extras!  

Can’t wait for Walt Disney Animation’s newest thrill ride of a picture, Wreck-It Ralph?!  Now you don’t have to!  All week long Disney Family Movies is giving you a sneak peek into the video game world of Wreck-It Ralph, which powers its way onto the big screen Friday, November 2nd.  You can take a look at how all the levels of the film came together, and get to know Ralph (Academy Award nominee John C. Reilly), Felix (30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer), Vanellope von Schweetz (noted comedienne Sarah Silverman), Sargent Calhoun (Glee’s Jane Lynch), and a whole bunch of new characters that’ll be exciting gamers for years to come!

It’s the story of a 8-bit video game villain who longs to be a hero…  a perfect tale for kids of all ages, and one that could only be made in our megabit world!  Check out the Wreck-It Ralph extras on Disney Family Movies with this one-month free offer before the film is game-on in theaters everywhere!

Plus, the movie features cameos from video game characters:  Bowser  (Super Mario Brothers);  Sonic and Doctor Eggman  (Sonic the Hedgehog);  Smoke (Mortal Combat);  Inky, Blinky & Pinky  (Pac Man) and many, many more!

Grab your joystick and watch the official Wreck-It-Ralph pixelated preview.

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