DIY Hair Bow Holder Tutorial ~ That Used To Be a Picture Frame?!

This easy DIY project is a cute way to organize and display your hair bow collection. It’s also a great way to repurpose an old picture frame. Check for frames around your house or browse your local thrift store for cheap frames. The funkier the frame, the better!

Materials and Supplies Needed:
  • Picture Frame
  • Ribbon
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun

Note:  Once you pick your frame, you won’t need any of the “extras” like the glass or the cardboard backing – so set those aside.

How to Make a Hair Bow Holder Out of a Picture Frame

  1. Pick a frame.
  2. Paint the frame a fun color. Spray paint makes this process super easy.
  3. Once the paint is dry, flip your frame over. Stretch a length of ribbon from the top to bottom of the frame and cut, leaving enough length to spare for when you fasten the ribbon onto the frame in Step 4. Repeat this process with the ribbon all the way across your frame, leaving equal distance between ribbons (about 1-2 inches).
  4. Hot glue (or you can use a staple gun for wooden frames) the ribbons about 1-2 inches away from each other all the way across the frame.  Allow to dry.
  5. Your DIY Hair Bow Holder is now ready to keep all your pretties on display!


  1. i love this would be great for my nieces bows

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