Just Say No To Generic 3D Glasses

Are you tired of the clunky, “one-size fits all” (yeah, right!) pair of generic 3D movie glasses yet?  I am!  And I’m happy to let you know that there is a much more fashion friendly option out there these days.  Marchon3D offers the latest technology in cool 3D eyewear that are a must have item for 3D gamers and moviegoers.  The EX3D Eyewear are affordable and RealD certified to be compatible with most 3D technologies including 3D televisions, computers and gaming systems.

Find the perfect pair to fit your individual style with the great selection of frames and color choices.  The entire EX3D collection averages around $35 per pair for men and women; $28 for children’s styles.  Prescription lens wearers can choose from stylish clips and wear-overs ($22).

Besides being more comfortable than the “free movie theater glasses,” the EX3D glasses featured an advanced 3D lense that is polarized and curved, which creates a superior 3D viewing experience compared to the generic flat glasses.  Curved lenses:

  • cause less eyestrain
  • provide a wider field of peripheral viewing and
  • give a more comfortable fit for extended periods of time.

The EX3D glasses I received for review were the Casual style “Derek” – and didn’t really fit me that well.  Perhaps a Fashion style would have fit me better (the Fashion styles seem to be geared towards women, where Casual styles seem to be geared to men).  I really like that there are EX3D kid size styles because the generic movie theater glasses are always way too big for them.

Cool bonuses!  These state of the art glasses react to light conditions by darkening in the sun and are 100% UV protective, so they can double as sunglasses.  Each pair of EX3D glasses comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Purchase EX3D Eyewear online and in select theaters equipped with state of the art EX3D vending machines.

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