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I recently received a variety of H20 At Home natural home care products. They have a full line of products created to help you clean your entire home with reusable microfiber cloths (Chiffonnettes) and water. Their plant-based formulas are a natural way to clean without introducing toxic chemicals to your home and they have less impact on the environment than traditional cleaners.

Microfiber Chiffonnettes

The reusable Microfiber Chiffonnettes are easily my favorite product. I like to avoid using disposable paper towels when I clean the house, and prefer a quality cloth to help me get the job done.  The Chiffonnettes clean better than paper towels and can be used again and again. These cloths outclean other microfiber cloths I have used in the past. They are guaranteed to hold more water and trap more dirt and grease than the leading retail microfiber. I believe it!

I could never have enough of the Essential Multi Surface Chiffonnettes. I use mine All. The. Time. Tough jobs are the time to use the Heavy Duty Chiffonnette. This microfiber cloth is made to scrub and makes a great addition to any natural cleaning collection.

Another bonus to switching to reusable Chiffonnettes for cleaning is that you will save money since you will not need to buy replacements for disposable cleaning cloths.

The Cleansing and Exfoliating Cloth is a super soft microfiber cloth that gently cleans skin using just water. I enjoy using it in the mornings when I don’t need to use facial cleanser, but I do need to freshen and exfoliate my skin. These cloths are the perfect replacement for toss away makeup removal cloths and even your usual wash cloths. They are so soft and delicate, I love the feel of them on my face.

Non-Toxic, Natural Cleansers

I was excited to try the Natural Clay Powder because it is a natural cleanser with no fumes. It is highly concentrated and supposed to be a replacement for most household cleaners and is safe to use just about anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. I used it on a few tough areas around my kitchen, including my ceramic sink, where I was disappointed in its performance. It was not able to remove some of the food particles even after I gave it a good bit of elbow grease scrub action. I like that it is food safe and non-toxic, but for the tough jobs, I need a bit more power.

The Natural Laundry Soap (Lavender) is one of my favorite laundry liquid soaps ever! It’s heavenly to have clean laundry that is lightly scented with lavender. Fight stains with the Natural Stain Removal Bars.

Natural Soaps can be used as a body soap and as a hand soap. I love that they are non-drying because I wash my hands often and need the moisture they naturally provide with ingredients like olive oil.

Where To Buy:

Don’t these natural home and personal products sound like a wonderful addition to your green lifestyle? H20 At Home Products are currently only available through in-home parties. You can find an advisor in your area through the H2O At Home website.

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  1. I try to be as green and environmentally conscious as possible. I use as many all natural products or make my own . Thanks for the info of H20 At Home

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