Pretty Windowsill Gardens ~ Ideas and Inspiration

I want to start a windowsill garden in my kitchen and have found lots of ideas and inspiration.  A windowsill garden has endless possibilities.  An indoor herb garden seems like a practical choice, plus there are some really good how-to grow an herb garden tutorials online (including one that is kid-friendly, listed below). A vertical garden can help make the most out of small spaces… Or you can use plant and flower cuttings to propagate a pretty window garden… OR create the desert in your windowsill with a cactus garden that is just plain cool.  Decisions, decisions.

What do you think of these windowsill garden? What do you grow in your windowsill garden? Let me know in the comments.

How To: Ikea-Inspired Window Garden

How To Start a Kid Friendly Window Sill Garden


Suspended Vertical Gardens

Start a Windowsill Garden

How To: Desert in a Box


  1. Oh I love that desert one! My windowsills aren’t big enough to place anything on to grow 🙁

  2. Your window sill gardens are very pretty. I like the idea of an herb garden. I think it would be a great idea for ppl like me, I live in a condo on the 3rd floor with no patio or porch, etc. So this would be a way to have a little garden and not have to worry too much!!!

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