Tummy Truths Challenge Wrap-Up ~ How You Can Win a Trip To Disney From Culturelle!

My kids recently participated in the Culturelle Tummy Truths 14-day Challenge. You can read about our experiences starting with our Day One blog post. Tummy Truths Challenge Wrap Up: Final Thoughts For 2 weeks, my children took Culturelle KIDS! probiotics every day to see how it worked to keep their digestive system healthy and support their immune system naturally. ┬áThe Culturelle probiotics have kept my kids' digestive systems regular for … [Read more...]

Day 9: Culturelle Tummy Truths Challenge + Coupons For You!

Day 9: July 10 marks our 9th day of taking Culturelle KIDS! probiotics as part of the 14 day Tummy Truths Challenge. I have three children who take the probiotics and we have had a great experience with this brand, which happens to be the #1 Pediatrician Recommended brand of probiotics. My 8-year-old son takes the KIDS chewables (for children 50-100 lbs.) and my 2 and 4-year-olds take the KIDS packets (for children 25-50 lbs.). There have been … [Read more...]