To Bunk, or Not To Bunk…That is the Question (and Beauty of Bunk Beds) ~ Review

My oldest two boys have always shared a bedroom.  Once they were both big enough to sleep in “big boy beds,” they begged for us to get them kid’s bunk beds.  These beds are a great option for kids who share a room because they save space and because they can be fun for the kids. My boys happily used their bunk beds up until the time my family made a major cross-country move and we had to sell their beds. It was a sad day to see the bunk beds go.

We got to our new house and the boys decided to continue sharing a room, so we were happy to get another set of bunk beds for them from  As we were building the beds, my oldest son (he is 8 years old) decided he wanted to see what life was like having his own bed – not bunked with his 4-year-old brother.  Luckily, the beauty of bunk beds is that they are so versatile.  You can put them together as traditional bunks or you can use them separately as twin beds.  I think they look very nice either way.

Our bunk beds arrived from in great condition with no knicks, scratches or any type of breakage on any of the pieces. They are made from solid pine wood and are of average decent quality ­– exactly what I would expect for furniture in this price range (about $300).  These bunk beds are more attractive and a better product than a previous bunk bed set we purchased from a major “box store” retailer.

The beds were easy to put together following the manufacturer’s instructions.  No extra tools were needed except for our power screwdriver, which we used to secure the slats into place under each mattress. Once we got the beds put together, they seemed a little shaky.  I was concerned that if we bunked them on top of each other, the beds would not be very sturdy as the kids got older and heavier.  The beds seem fine for younger and lighter weight kids to use as bunk beds, but my oldest weighs about 60 pounds and I feel more comfortable using the beds as separate twin beds. We have the safety ladder and guard rails that were included in the bunk bed package to use if and when we decide to use these beds in the future as bunk beds for our youngest two boys (currently 1 and 2 years old).

There is a nice amount of clearance space underneath the beds for extra storage.  My boys love to use this space for toys, books and secret hiding places.

Overall, I am pleased with these bunk beds and think they are a good value for this price point.  I like that they are solid wood and will last for years.  I would recommend online shopping at because they have a great selection of nice looking, quality bunk beds, plus fast and free shipping.




  1. I had bunkbeds when I was a kid, which my parents then changed into single twin beds as we grew up. My hubby and I have always talked about having bunk beds for our kids. We just got our daughter a loft bed (the bunk bed without the second bed underneath) and she LOVES it. Our younger daughter has a captains bed, but the loft bed gives them lots of space to play in their bed. We could, in the future, add the second bed underneath to make it into a loft bed. 🙂

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