Visible Solutions Advanced Skin Care By Max (Review)


I was recently given the opportunity to try a line of anti-aging products called Visible Solutions Advanced Skin Care By Max. Although I am in my thirties, and don’t have deep wrinkles (yet!), taking care of my skin is fast becoming a priority for me because I want to minimize any fine lines or other signs of aging that are beginning to show up on my face and neck areas.

The 90 day skin care kit from Visible Solutions includes: One Minute Wonder, Youth Recovery Serum, Eye Rescue, Skin Brightening Mousse and Replenishing Cream. These products are made from the finest ingredients and do not contain sulfates, surfactants, artificial color or fragrance. They can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

I took the Visible Solutions 5 day challenge and used their skin care products on only one-half of my face to see if I could tell the difference. By Day 4, I was so pleased with how good the Visible Solutions side of my face was feeling and looking that I cheated and started using the products on both sides of my face!

The skin care regiment is simple and effective. Each morning and night, you wash your face with your regular cleanser. Then, you use the Visible Solutions skin care: Youth Recovery Serum, One Minute Wonder (mornings only), Eye Rescue Cream, and Skin Brightening Mousse (morning) or Replenishing Cream (evening).

My fast favorite of the products is the One Minute Wonder. It goes on as a cool gel layer that you leave on for one minute, then, using circular motions, rub your skin while it exfoliates without grainy, abrasive ingredients. Your skin will instantly feel smooth and polished. I’m not kidding, the One Minute Wonder really lives up to its name. I found that I could use the One Minute Wonder every 2-3 days instead of every day with great results. I LOVE using the One Minute Wonder!

I was amazed that within just a day or two of using Visible Solutions skin care, I could tell the difference in my skin. My face felt silky smooth and hydrated, and my pores appeared smaller. My sensitive, acne prone skin has not had any issues like irritation or break outs. I am thoroughly enjoying using these products and look forward to seeing continual improvement in my skin’s tone and texture in the upcoming weeks.

Do you want to learn more about Visible Solutions? Visit the Max Visible Solutions website to read more about the skin care system and to see how you can purchase your 90-day kit online.

Disclaimer: I was provided Visible Solutions skin care products free of charge in exchange for this written review. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and based on my own experiences with the products. Your results may be different.


  1. Petra Peach says:

    Spending money now on good skincare products will reward you tenfold in later life. This is an area you shouldn’t skimp on if you want to look good in later life.

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