Make a Fashion Statement with Capturing Couture Camera Straps

Capturing Couture is a featured sponsor of the Spring Fashionista giveaway on Mom Always Finds Out. Save the dates March 6-14 so you can stop by and enter to win a “Shutterbug Mom” themed prize package. I received Capturing Couture product samples for my review. All opinions are my own. This blog post may contain affiliate links.

My camera’s fashion statement used to be: Help! I look just like 5 billion other cameras with this generic black camera strap.

You know the kind of strap I’m talking about. The thin little black camera strap that comes on every camera. The one that starts to get uncomfortable after wearing it around your neck for about 2 minutes.

Is your camera’s fashion statement a similar cry for help? Take a look at the fashion-forward camera straps at Capturing Couture. There’s a style for every personality from Boho Chic to Girly Glam and everything in between. The Floral collection was what truly captured my heart. These ultra feminine camera straps are gorgeous with their organza roses.


organza couture


It was hard to decide which of the ten colors I wanted the most – they are all so pretty. I decided that it’s virtually impossible to make the wrong decision. I went with the Turquoise Organza camera strap and am so happy. It is absolutely stunning in person. I love it, and can’t wait to wear my camera so I can show it off to my friends and family.

turq camera strap

A few other of my top picks are the Chevron Pink:

pink chevron couture

The Navajo Black:

navajo couture

and the totally glamorous Sequin Ombre Pink: 

sequin couture

Capturing Couture’s Scarf Style camera straps are totally innovative. We all wear scarves, so why not accessorize with a scarf style camera strap?

scarf couture


I received the Gray Lace Camera Strap ($30) and found out just how comfy it is to wear my camera on a scarf style strap. Fashion definitely meets function here. The scarf style camera straps are a unique way to carry your camera around and make a fashion statement at the same time.

gray scarf style

I am really happy that my camera’s fashion statement is no longer a cry for help, thanks to my trendy camera straps by Capturing Couture. Their sturdy straps are comfortable to wear and a wonderful way to stand out in a crowd. You’ll get tons of compliments on them.

Capturing Couture camera straps make a unique gift idea for moms, sisters, and best friends. All of Capturing Couture’s products are Made in the USA (California).

Shop Capturing Couture collections online and let me know which camera strap styles you’d pick for your camera. You can Like Capturing Couture on Facebook and follow @CapturingCoutur on Twitter.

Is your camera ready to make a fashion statement? 

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  1. A nice camera strap is a must! You spend so much on your new baby, you need something fashionable, comfortable and ‘you’. Love these, how cute!!

  2. I have one of their straps and I absolutely love it. It has held up wonderfully for almost 3 years now.

  3. I love the camera straps! I seriously need one for my camera. I’ll have to check out these products. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are so great! I have a custom strap for my camera too and it makes all the difference. Not only stylish, but much more comfortable too.

  5. A good camera strap is a must have. A fashionable camera strap is awesome!

  6. These are so stinkin cute!! How do you pick just one? My husband uses the camera more than I do. I’d have to pick one that is unisex.

    • It is so hard to pick just one strap! I have the two I got for review and am using both. 🙂 I thought about being nice like you and getting a unisex one, but my husband is just going to have the deal with the flowers when he uses the camera. LOL

  7. I need a new camera for blogging and now that I know I can accessorize! WOO HOOO!! I want the turquoise floral and the scarf style 🙂

  8. Very nice, I have a boring black strap on my camera. I will be back to enter this giveaway!

  9. These are really attractive and make it so personal. Also, straps that come with cameras usually cut in and are not comfy!

  10. Oh my! I love those! What a great way to add a pop of color to my new camera!

  11. I really like those scarf straps! Those are totally my style.

  12. These are gorgeous! I love the scarf straps. I have an ugly black strap right now

  13. I remember seeing these at a conference last year and thinking it was such a great idea. Still do. I’m not a fan of the boring ones the cameras come with.

  14. I LOVE that scarf one!!! These are so awesome and stylish!

  15. Super cook, I have the boring black standard strap, love the flowers!

  16. Those are such adorable camera straps!

  17. I have one of those boring generic ones… I NEED one of these! They are adorable and look so much comfier than the regular ones!

    • They are really comfy camera straps. I had never had anything but the ones that come on the camera until these…and there’s an immediate difference in comfort level. I just wore my camera 4 solid hours with no problem this morning. Didn’t even notice it. And got 2 compliments on my flower strap from strangers passing by. 🙂

  18. I have really been wanting something like this for my camera. They are all so lovely!

  19. I just love these… they look super cute and comfy… Need to check them out, I need a new one for my camera.. thanks for sharing

  20. Just say no! To the boring black strap!! We are always on the run dropping the kids at games, barely getting time for a workout, so when you’re wearing your grungy sweats and barely fit in a moment to yourself but did a quick 5 minute touchup to make yourself look presentable…yes I know this all too well…might as well have some cuteness wrapped around your neck when you go in mamarazzi mode!!! Haha the scarf straps really are unbelievably cute and durable, I so love mine…(gray lace)…and a great deal too!! Only 30 bucks and it’s an accessory with purpose so you can wear it every day…bonus! 😉 here’s a link so you don’t have to hunt:

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